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Neil Collyer's Complete Brush Pack for Clip Studio Paint

Neil Collyer
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This bundle of 468 digital brushes (+ 9 Tool Presets) for Clip Studio Paint, includes brushes for drawing, painting, special effects (FX), and comic book flatting.

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Lifetime Updates

  • Owners who purchased this bundle will receive lifetime updates.
  • When a new brush or brush set for Clip Studio Paint is added to this store, it will automatically be added to this bundle.

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“I had been wanting to spend less time tethered to my desk and more time working on the iPad, but a major roadblock for me was that I couldn’t quite get used to the workflow or brushes in most apps, and syncing settings between my computer and iPad felt really clunky. Neil’s CSP brushes were the missing puzzle piece for me—once I installed them, my entire workflow changed and now I’m able to seamlessly transition between working at my desk to being more mobile. Neil’s experience with traditional mediums definitely shines through in all of his brushes; they handle so nicely and truly feel like many of my favorite traditional drawing tools.” —Jen Bartel

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“Neil's brushes have been of a great help to enhance my inking art. I specifically love the dry brushes and the half tone ones as well as the oil paint. I appreciate that the pack is really affordable for a lot of tools. It's a must have for digital artists using Clip Studio Paint.” —Marguerite Sauvage

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Drawing Brush Set

  • Pencils for Lines
  • Pencils for Tones
  • Pencil Smudgers
  • Erasers
  • Felt Tip Pens with Flexible, Pointed Tips
  • Technical Pens with Felt Tips
  • Technical Pens with Metal Tips
  • Dip Pens
  • Markers
  • Ink Brushes for Lines
  • Ink Brushes for Lines for Dry Tones 
  • Ink Brushes for Washes
  • Charcoal and Chalk

Painting Brush Set

  • Acrylic Paint Brushes
  • Oil Paint Brushes
  • Compressed (Dry) Pastel Sticks
  • Oil Pastel Sticks
  • Air Brush
  • Spray Paint
  • Comic Book Flatting Tool Presets

Special Effects Brush Set

  • Crosshatching Inking Brushes
  • Comic Book Effects Brushes for Stars
  • Comic Book Effects Brushes for Energy Crackle
  • Comic Book Effects Brushes for Ink Splatters
  • Comic Book Effects Brushes for Halftones 

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Important Info About the Digital Brushes in this Brush Pack.

There are two main brush categories:

Category 1: Textured Brushes

  • Textured brushes have been optimized for performance on average computer systems.

Category 2: Un-Textured Brushes (Basic)

  • Un-Textured brushes are labeled as Basic Brushes
  • Almost every textured brush is accompanied by a Basic version of the brush.
  • Basic brushes will perform more smoothly on older computers than the textured brushes.

Tool Presets

  • These tools are for comic book flatting, and include the Wand, Paint Bucket, Selection Lasso, as well as basic selection shape tools.

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System Requirements


  • A Mac or PC
  • A copy of Clip Studio Paint


  • An iPad
  • A Subscription to Clip Studio Paint

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Version Log

V4 : 468 brushes + 9 tool Presets

The Drawing Brushes have been updated with 242 new or modified brushes. The following brush categories have been either expanded, re-worked or optimized.

The overall approach to this update was to create more incremental variation to allow for more subtlety different brush options.

  • Ink Brushes: New Sub Categories have been added
    • Pencil Brushes: New Sub Categories have been added (Line, Tone, Tone Glaze, Smudger)
    • Felt Tip and Metal Tip Technical Pens: New Sub Categories have been added (Felt Tip Pointed, Felt Tip Tech, and Metal Tip Tech). Also, both Felt Tip Categories have Wet and Dry Variations for each brush.
    • Eraser Brushes: These brushes have been optimized for performance.

 Also, a revised naming convention for all drawing brushes has been created to make it easier to track future versions of individual brushes.

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V3 : 264 Brushes + 9 Tool Presets

14 new Crosshatching brushes have been added to the Special Effects brush set.

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V2 : 250 Brushes + 9 Tool Presets

A new set of 96 Halftone brushes has been added to the Special Effects brush set.

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V1 : 154 Brushes + 9 Tool Presets

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468 Custom Made Brushes + 9 Tool Presets for Clip Studio Paint

Drawing Brushes V2
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Painting Brushes V1
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Special Effects (FX) Brushes V3
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Neil Collyer's Complete Brush Pack for Clip Studio Paint

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